Connexus Association donated $15,000 to the Wausau School District's 2019-2020 PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) program.  One of the recipients, South Mountain Elementary School, encourages financial literacy by rewarding positive behaviors with Cougar Cash that students can save or spend at their school store.

We are focused on bringing financial literacy education resources and information to all.  We support financial literacy through several venues:

Financial Wellness Center

Connexus Association is proud to introduce the Financial Wellness Center. All members of the Connexus Association now have access to a financial education program geared towards adults. The program is comprised of a series of short interactive learning experiences to help you get a clear understanding of critical financial topics including saving, investing, credit scores & reports, insurance & taxes, and identity protection.

Please click on the Financial Wellness Center to learn more.

Junior Achievement

Connexus Association has partnered with Junior Achievement offices since 2006 to provide students from kindergarten through high school with knowledge and skills in many areas including financial literacy. Partnership dollars are awarded annually with priority consideration to support Junior Achievement in schools within the Connexus service area.


We also support GreenPath which provides free access to money management and financial education services. 

Financial Scholars Program 

Starting in 2017, we partnered with Everfi to bring financial literacy courses to a number of local high schools.

Conferences, Presentations and Courses

From 2015 to 2017, Connexus Association offered scholarships to local educators to attend the National Institute of Financial and Economic literacy. In 2018 the local schools teamed up to bring an educator conference to the area in lieu of sending teachers out of the area.  The Association was a major sponsor of this conference which was attended by more than 200 educators.

During 2016, Connexus Association provided a grant to a local technical college to fund 5 workshops covering various financial literacy educational topics. 

Grants to educational institutions

Grant dollars awarded to local schools for the purpose of promoting education and financial literacy.

Grants to other non-profit organizations

Grant dollars awarded to local non-profit organizations for the purpose of promoting education and financial literacy.