2022 Year In Review 

Board Members:

1. Ann Stromgren – President
2. Julia Salzman – Vice President
3. Patti Flaker – Secretary
4. Ryan Kennedy – Treasurer
Kathe Breitenfeldt – Director

Total Donated: $172,415

Top 4 Donations:

1. Wausau School District                                               $25,000
2. NTC Foundation                                                          $20,000
3. DC Everest Public Schools                                         $12,500
4. Aspirus Health Foundation                                          $10,480

The Connexus Association Board members remained the same during 2022. At the annual meeting, Ann was elected as President, Julia as Vice President, and Patti as Treasurer.

With nationwide interest rates on deposit accounts increasing dramatically, two of the Association’s Certificate of Deposits were renewed at significantly improved rates. A $150k CD was renewed at 2.75% from .60% while another $100k CD was renewed at 2.96% from .60%. An additional $50k certificate at .65% was closed out at maturity and moved to a financial institution with a 15 month special rate of 4.85%.

Unfortunately, the Association’s beneficial interest in a fund at the Community Foundation declined in line with the stock market. However, the Association is able to supplement scholarship dollar availability from that fund with its own cash.

Draft financials for 2022 depict that the Association ended 2022 with assets totaling $965,885. This represents a increase of $90,130 over the previous year-end.