2020 Year-In-Review

Board Members:

1. Patti Flaker – President
2. Kathe Breitenfeldt – Vice President
3. Julia Salzman – Secretary
4. Ryan Kennedy – Treasurer
5. Hal Osborn – Director

Total Donated: $258,873

Top 10 Donations:

1. Mid-State Technical College                                        $35,000
2. NTC Foundation                                                          $30,000
3. Junior Achievement Central WI (Wausau and Merrill) $17,700
4. Wausau School District                                                $17,500
5. Lincoln High School                                                     $10,000
    Worldwide Foundation of CU's                                    $10,000
    Blessings in a Backpack                                              $10,000
    Stevens Point Area Schools                                        $10,000
    DC Everest Public Schools                                          $10,000
    Aspirus Health Foundation                                          $10,000

At the annual meeting, Patti Flaker was voted in as President, and Kathe as Vice President.  Kathe was also elected to serve on the Board for an additional 5 year term while Julia was elected as Secretary for 2 years.

Connexus Association maintained its current structure of laddering certificates of deposits at several financial institutions to reduce risk as the majority of deposits are thus insured by NCUA or FDIC.    

As interest rates on deposit accounts plummeted during 2020, the Board voted to move 3 of our Certificates to an online bank, Live Oak Bank, to take advantage of slightly higher interest rates. The new 12 month certificates were opened in March ($100k at 2.15%), September ($100k at .60%), and December ($50k at .65%). A portion of the funds ($108k total) from the closed Certificates were routed to our existing money market account providing the Association with greater liquidity if needed.

Reviewed financials for 2020 depict that the Association ended 2020 with net assets totaling $833,172. This represents a decrease of $19,233 over the previous year-end.