2019 Year-In-Review

Board Members:

1. Julia Salzman – President
2.  Patti Flaker – Vice President
3. Hal Osborn – Secretary
4. Ryan Kennedy – Treasurer
5. Kathe Breitenfeldt – Director

Total Donated: $372,374

Top 10 Donations:

1.  Wausau School District 37,000.00
2.  Children's Imaginarium $25,000.00
3.  Junior Achievement Central WI (Wausau and Merrill) 21,000.00
4.  Lincoln High School $20,809
5.  NTC Foundation 20,000.00
    Worldwide Foundation of CU's 20,000.00
    Mid-State Technical College $20,000.00
    Stevens Point Area Schools $20,000.00
9.  DC Everest Public Schools 12,500.00
10. Aspirus Health Foundation 11,000.00

During the first part of 2019, Director Steve Raether decided he did not want to continue for an additional 5 year term so began the process to find a new board member.  At the annual meeting, Patti Flaker was voted in as our new Board member to replace Steve.  Julia was voted in as President, and Patti as Vice President.  Julia and Hal were elected to serve on the Board for an additional 5 year term while Ryan was elected as Treasurer for another 2 years.

Connexus Association maintained its current structure of laddering certificates of deposits at several financial institutions to reduce risk as the majority of deposits are thus insured by NCUA.  The Board discussed and has begun the process of changing all 4 certificate of deposits to allow for accumulated interest to be withdrawn and deposited in the general checking.  

At the end of 2019, the Board also completed its review of Connexus Association's by-laws.  A few changes were made to clarify some points in the by-laws as well as edits to improve grammar.