2014 Year-In-Review

Board Members:

  1. Rebecca Schemenauer – President 
  2. Julia Salzman – Vice President 
  3. Hal Osborn – Secretary 
  4. Ryan Kennedy – Treasurer 
  5. Steve Raether – Director
Total Donated: $84,521.78

Top 10 Donations:

  1. NTC Foundation - $11,500
  2. Wausau School District - $10,800
  3. American Cancer Society - $10,000
  4. DC Everest Public Schools - $5,000
  5. Greenpath - $4,848
  6. Filene - $3,499
  7. Wausau Area Hmong Mutual Association - $3,000
  8. WI Valley Lutheran High School - $2,575
  9. Northland Lutheran High School - $2,500
  10. Newman Catholic Schools - $2,500


2014 saw the addition of two new board members, and the retirement of one. First, Julia Salzman joined the Board and immediately assumed the vacant role of Vice President. Julia had been a Board member at Tower Credit Union prior to their 2012 merge. Next, Steve Raether filled the final position. Steve previously had numerous years of experience on a credit union board as a President and as a chair of the Audit Committee. Rebecca Schemenauer took over for Scott Bychinski as President of the Association, but her term was up at the end of 2014 and she exited the Board at that time, leaving one vacancy as the year came to a close.

Towards the end of 2014 the Association also hired its first full-time employee. Heather Grundemann became the Executive Director and took over day-to-day operations. She had experience in numerous financial institutional roles and brought the knowledge and attention to detail required to ensure the success of the Association into the future. The Association ended 2014 with assets (cash) totaling $365,372.68. This represents an increase of $143,836.83 over the previous year-end.