2012 Year-In-Review

Board Members:

  1. Scott Bychinski – President 
  2. Mark Steinberg – Vice President 
  3. Boyd Gustke – Secretary
  4. Ryan Kennedy – Treasurer 
  5. Rebecca Schemenauer – Director
Total Donated: $21,500

Top 5 Donations:

  1. American Cancer Society - $10,000
  2. NTC Foundation - $5,000
  3. Junior Achievement - $1,500
  4. Aspirus Health Foundation - $1,300
  5. CU Night at the Ballpark - $1,200


There were two Board resignations in late 2011/early 2012 that resulted in two new members joining. J. David Christenson and Daryl Gessler both stepped down. They were replaced by Boyd Gustke and Ryan Kennedy respectively. Scott Bychinski replaced J. David as President and Mark Steinberg ascended to the role of Vice President. Boyd replaced Mark as Secretary and Ryan took over the Treasurer role from Daryl. 2012 also saw a large increase in assets. The Board learned this likely to continue and held discussions on increasing both the number and amounts of donations.

The Association ended the year with assets (cash) totaling $153,397.68. This represents an increase of $72,835.28 over the previous year-end.